Theft-Thwarting Laptop Locks

Theft-Thwarting Laptop Locks

Targus, an Anaheim, California-based company that specializes in accessories targeted towards users of laptops and other electronics, has unveiled an innovative laptop lock that makes the process of securing your laptop a seamless one.

The ‘DEFCON Ultimate Universal Lock’ makes use of a cut-resistant galvanized steel cable that is well and truly a deterrent against potential laptop thieves. Their lengthy design ensures more than enough slack for you to secure your laptop in any situation, while the handy rotative lock head makes the process of securing your device as easy as can be. Meanwhile, the absence of interchangeable heads means that there’s no annoying guesswork to navigate through to determine the locking slot of your device.

Available starting at $42.99, this laptop lock uses a simple yet elegant design to secure your laptop without requiring extra effort on your part.

Image Credit: Targus


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