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Boomerang-Shaped Urban Mobility Vehicles

Boomerang-Shaped Urban Mobility Vehicles The conceptual 'PIX-L7' vehicle has been designed by Artem Smirnov as a multifunctional transportation solution for urbanites to incorporate into their lifestyle. The vehicle maintains a boomerang-style form that has two seats inside to support an operator and a passenger, while the rear section provides ample

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Interchangeable Autonomous Vehicles

Interchangeable Autonomous Vehicles The conceptual 'OIII' urban driverless transportation system has been designed by the 2050.Lab as an interchangeable autonomous vehicle solution for use in cityscapes in the near-future. The autonomous vehicle system utilizes a single platform with support for an array of different pod-like units. These could be

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Monochromatic Diamond-Like Luxury SUVs

Monochromatic Diamond-Like Luxury SUVs The Brabus 800 XLP Superwhite has been shown off by the brand as its latest high-end luxury vehicle that will provide discerning drivers with access to impressive finishes and power. The vehicle features its namesake all-white finish on the exterior to help it pop on city streets, while providing drivers with

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