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Connected Walking Canes

Connected Walking Canes CAN Mobilities is a startup creating mobility aids such as the 'Can Go,' a connected smart walking cane with a number of helpful features. The Can Go was designed to alleviate, and contribute to eventually eliminating, the stigma surrounding walking aids. As such, this cane boasts three primary features controlled by three buttons on

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Exuberant Eco-Friendly Fashion

Exuberant Eco-Friendly Fashion Global fashion retailer H&M has officially launched its new sustainability-focused fashion initiative called 'Cherish Waste,' which will include an all-new ready-to-wear collection and interactive exhibition. The Cherish Waste collection will include a wide range of garments for both men and women, with a number of

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Top 100 Computers Trends in April

Top 100 Computers Trends in April As one of the fastest evolving sectors of technology, this list of April 2022 computers trends showcases improved wi-fi devices, personalizable PCs and peripherals, and a slew of hybrid workplace-focused software. This month, Apple unveiled its 'Mac Studio,' the highest performance Mac computer to date. The Mac Studio

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