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Multi-Purpose Electric Bikes

Multi-Purpose Electric Bikes Orbea has announced the arrival of a new electric bike dubbed the 'Keram 30.' The new 'Keram 30' e-bike utilizes a hydroformed aluminum frame, a removable 400Wh lithium-ion unit, SR Suntour X1, and a Deore 10-speed drivetrain with an 11-46T cassette. The bike boasts a red and black exterior, resembling a traditional hardtail

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Connected Walking Canes

Connected Walking Canes CAN Mobilities is a startup creating mobility aids such as the 'Can Go,' a connected smart walking cane with a number of helpful features. The Can Go was designed to alleviate, and contribute to eventually eliminating, the stigma surrounding walking aids. As such, this cane boasts three primary features controlled by three buttons on

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Monochromatic Diamond-Like Luxury SUVs

Monochromatic Diamond-Like Luxury SUVs The Brabus 800 XLP Superwhite has been shown off by the brand as its latest high-end luxury vehicle that will provide discerning drivers with access to impressive finishes and power. The vehicle features its namesake all-white finish on the exterior to help it pop on city streets, while providing drivers with

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