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Snacking-Focused Chocolate Treats

Snacking-Focused Chocolate Treats The KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates Snackables are a new range of sweet, savory treats for consumers looking to enjoy a bit of an indulgence anytime of day. The products include the Chocolate-Cheese Crunch, Peanut Butter Pretzels, Chocolate Chips, Honey-Dusted White Chocolate Cashews, Maple Toffee Bark and Melts.

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Stylish Countertop Air Fryers

Stylish Countertop Air Fryers CAF'E has announced the launch of its new 'CAF'E Couture Oven with Air Fry,' a premium and stylish air fryer that comes equipped with 14 cooking modes. The CAF'E Couture Oven with Air Fry is designed to be an easy-to-install countertop unit; the device has a 17" x 18.6" x 14" footprint, making it suitable for most standard

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