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15 Haircuts Trending For Spring

15 Haircuts Trending For Spring The first few months of 2022 has seen many different hair trends take hold. From red color and Y2K accessories to the soft-layered butterfly haircut, plus countless variations on the '70s shag, hair changes seem to be top of mind. As spring ushers in new beginnings, it welcomes a host of brand-new haircut trends to get excited

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Monochromatic Diamond-Like Luxury SUVs

Monochromatic Diamond-Like Luxury SUVs The Brabus 800 XLP Superwhite has been shown off by the brand as its latest high-end luxury vehicle that will provide discerning drivers with access to impressive finishes and power. The vehicle features its namesake all-white finish on the exterior to help it pop on city streets, while providing drivers with

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25 of the Most Rewatchable Movies Ever Made

25 of the Most Rewatchable Movies Ever Made I could watch a new movie, sure, but what if I don't like it?Without question, we live in an era of media over-saturation. Even post-COVID (lol), the industry is still pumping out new movies and new streaming services to host them on at an alarming rate-and those same services mean we also have easy access to

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