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Snacking-Focused Chocolate Treats

Snacking-Focused Chocolate Treats The KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates Snackables are a new range of sweet, savory treats for consumers looking to enjoy a bit of an indulgence anytime of day. The products include the Chocolate-Cheese Crunch, Peanut Butter Pretzels, Chocolate Chips, Honey-Dusted White Chocolate Cashews, Maple Toffee Bark and Melts.

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Extra-Thick Dipping-Friendly Chips

Extra-Thick Dipping-Friendly Chips The Tostitos Hearty Dippers are one of the latest releases from Frito-Lay for consumers looking to enjoy their favorite dips without having to deal with broken chips. The specially formulated snack chips feature a sculpted form that's meant to rival even the thickest alternatives on the market and are thus well-suited

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Sour Moonshines

Sour Moonshines Ole Smoky Distillery, America's leading moonshine brand, has announced that it will be relaunching two popular sour moonshine flavors: 'Sour Razzin' Berry' and 'Sour Watermelon.' Both of the products will also arrive in a playful new Mini Moonshine Jar format. The new Sour Watermelon Moonshine flavor delivers a sweet and sour

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