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Recyclable Cap-Attached Soda Packaging

Recyclable Cap-Attached Soda Packaging Coca-Cola is launching attached caps across its product portfolio in the UK to help prevent littering and ensure that 100% of the packaging is recycled. The packaging update will be observed across 1.5-liter bottles of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke and Fanta with a wider launch taking place by early 2024. The

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So Much For Internal-Combustion-Only Lamborghinis

So Much For Internal-Combustion-Only Lamborghinis This is the last year for ICE-only Lambos, according to its CEO.Lamborghini kicked off its hybrid future in 2019 with the Si'an, a car that produced, combined, over 800 horsepower. That was just the beginning, though, with Lambo now saying that 2022 is it for its internal combustion only Lamborghinis. There

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