Spicy Meat-Free Pizza Toppings

Spicy Meat-Free Pizza Toppings

The Squeaky Bean Spicy Pepperoni Style Slices are a plant-based take on the quintessential pizza topping for consumers to use on their favorite pizzas, in sandwiches and much more.

The 100% vegan pepperoni slices are high in protein, and made with a blend of wheat and pea protein along with chili flakes and smoked paprika for a truly authentic pepperoni flavor. The product will join the brand’s existing lineup of meat-inspired products as the perfect addition to a homemade pizza. The product is set to arrive at Sainsbury’s locations in the UK starting April 27 in 90-gram packs for lb2.50.

Brand Manager Sarah Augustine commented on the Squeaky Bean Spicy Pepperoni Style Slices saying, “Our fans speak and Squeaky Bean delivers! They told us they’d love to try a Squeaky version of a pepperoni pizza topping! We think it’s so good, it’ll probably be gone by the time the pizza oven pings.”


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