Spacious Customizable Keyboards

Spacious Customizable Keyboards

‘Keychron,’ the Hong Kong-based mechanical keyboard manufacturer, has unveiled the ‘Keychron Q3.’ The Q3 is a hot-swappable keyboard, meaning its keycaps and mechanical switches can be altered in a matter of seconds. The Q3 also features a more spacious tenkeyless (TKL) design than its two predecessors, as it has separated arrow and function keys, rather than a full compact layout.

The keyboard is also QMK-enabled, meaning its key functions can be altered through software customization. This means, while the keyboard is sold with a QWERTY layout, it can be fully altered to meet personal preferences. Additionally, QMK compatibility also allows for the creation of macros, or sets of commands that can be executed with a single button.

The Keychron Q3 is sold in ‘Barebones,’ ‘Barebones Knob,’ ‘Babebones ISO,’ ‘Barebones ISO Knob,’ ‘Fully Assembled,’ and ‘Fully Assembled Knob’ frames in three colors with three different types of switches. The barebones models are perfect for customers who enjoy building their own keyboards, while the knob versions offer an added customizable knob to the keyboard. This knob can be used for various functions, such as brightness or volume levels.

Image Credit: Keychron


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