Skincare 101: The Goodness Of Hyaluronic Acid, The Hero Skincare Ingredient

Skincare 101: The Goodness Of Hyaluronic Acid, The Hero Skincare Ingredient
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Jan 2023

We've got just the thing for all the skincare buffs in the house. With the winter season upon us in full force all that our skin needs is a good dose of moisture. And what would be better than adding this miracle ingredient to our daily skincare routine in a number of ways including as potent serums, gel creams, or nighttime thick creams to slap on all that moisture onto our faces? Enter the skincare ingredient of the moment, hyaluronic acid. [photo1]
We are not being crazy melodramatic, but dry and parched skin is the absolute worst and we certainly don't want to be BFFs with it. It can do all things bad and dull for our complexion and enhance the visibility of pores, increase break-outs and cause that uncomfortabl

e stretched feeling on our skin that is also kind of hard to treat.
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We're not trying to praise this hero product to the moon. But it is really good for dry and stretchy as well as oily skin types. The reason for it is easy peasy and backed by science. Hyaluronic acid basically absorbs the moisture from the atmosphere and adds it to your epidermal layer. This is what gives the instantly plump and full-of-life look to your skin post a quick application.
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Hyaluronic acid can be used in the AM or PM skincare routines or anytime in between. But there's a very pivotal step you need to follow right after in case you apply this skincare goodie during the day. Yes, you guessed it right, say it out aloud right after us, we need to pile on some sunscreen love onto our skin right after to protect our skin from the sun.
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Here are quick DIY application tips to ace the use of this skincare BFF.
Always always layer the application of hyaluronic acid and remember to layer your skincare right.
As a cardinal rule, you should apply your hyaluronic acid to a clean face.
Following this, top it up with a rich moisturiser and face oil to lock the moisture in.
Last but certainly not the least, as we already said before, don't forget to apply a generous layer of sunscreen after applying your hyaluronic acid to save yourself from sun damage.
There you go, do all this and you'll get yourself happy, plump and moisturised skin.

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