Shareable Game Streaming Subscriptions

Shareable Game Streaming Subscriptions

Microsoft announced that it is releasing an ‘Xbox Game Pass Family Plan’ for its on-demand game streaming service. The family plan will support up to five users on a single subscription, similar to the family plans found on Netflix or Disney Plus. While Microsoft has not yet confirmed what the monthly cost of a family plan will be, it will be “far cheaper” than purchasing five individual subscriptions.

Xbox Game Pass is one of the most economic ways to enjoy video games, as the service adds more games weekly and even adds brand new major releases that retail for $60 USD on their own. Currently, one month of Xbox Game Pass costs a single user approximately $10 USD per month. With the new family plan, Xbox Game Pass will undoubtedly be one of the most value-packed streaming services in the gaming space.

Image Credit: Matt Brown, Windows Central


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