Recyclable Cap-Attached Soda Packaging

Recyclable Cap-Attached Soda Packaging

Coca-Cola is launching attached caps across its product portfolio in the UK to help prevent littering and ensure that 100% of the packaging is recycled.

The packaging update will be observed across 1.5-liter bottles of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke and Fanta with a wider launch taking place by early 2024. The packaging update ensures that the caps on the bottles will be recycled after use instead of allowing them to be thrown out or accidentally become litter.

General Manager at CCEP, Great Britain Stephen Moorhouse commented on the new attached caps saying, “The move is just one of the steps we’re taking as part of our This is Forward sustainability action plan, which targets six key social and environmental areas where the business has a significant impact and forms a key element of our 2040 net zero target. It’s also one of many steps we’re taking towards our global commitment, in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, to help collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one that we sell by 2025, on our journey towards a World Without Waste.”


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