Public NFT Membership Systems

Public NFT Membership Systems

Public NFT Membership Systems

Infinite Objects is launching the ‘IO Membership NFT’ alongside an NFT- tied membership program. The company is launching a collection of 2,022 NFTs on June 16th with 1,800 of these available for public purchase, while the other 222 are reserved for Infinite Objects’ partners, artists, and team members. There will be 25 different rarities within this NFT collection. However, the rarities will be randomly assigned to purchasers one month later on July 8th.

Owning an IO Membership NFT brings a number of beneficial perks tied to the company. For example, members will receive free IO Membership NFT prints of their respective token. Additionally, members will gain first access to future NFT drops from Ininfite Objects, as well as first access to Infinite Objects’ upcoming ‘profile picture to real life’ initiative. This initiative will allow customers to create custom animated video prints of their profile pictures to physically collect.

Lastly, the members will receive a $100 USD gift card each month from the months of July 2022 to December 2022, which equals to more than the original cost of the NFT. The NFTs will be auctioned for $499 USD, or approximately 0.25 ETH, which is incredibly valuable considering the large number of perks associated with ownership.

With this new membership program, Infinite Objects is continuing to trailblaze both the NFT space and the phygital collectibles space with new products and technologies.

Image Credit: Infinite Objects

Source: membership-nft

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