Popular Battle Royale Sequels

Popular Battle Royale Sequels

Activision has recently confirmed the news of a ‘Warzone 2’ release coming later this year. Free-to-play battle royale ‘Warzone 2’ is “[built] from the ground-up alongside the premium game, [and] features groundbreaking innovations to be revealed later this year,” says Activision.

News surrounding the anticipated title’s release date has not yet been confirmed, and other details surrounding the gameplay remain hard to come by. The confirmation about the game’s release provides hope to long-time fans of the first-person shooter after leaks about a rumored ‘Modern Warfare 2’ release circulated. Activision has not commented on said leaks, but fans of ‘Warzone’ can look forward to new content from the franchise in the future, so stay tuned.

Image Credit: Activision


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