Plant-Powered Umami Noodles

Plant-Powered Umami Noodles
May 2023

One bowl at a time, plant-based, high-protein instant ramen brand Immi is reinventing ramen and Spicy Red Miso is its first new flavor in two years. With this umami meal, the brand has introduced softer, "more slurpable" noodles across its product portfolio that also cook in a shorter amount of time. These six-minute noodles cut the time that needs to be spent waiting before enjoying this new product's flavors of cayenne pepper, garlic and vegetables.
With 21 grams of protein and six grams net carbs, this plant-powered meal packs a punch during busy lunch hours and weeknights.
As health-conscious, discerning consumers seek to satisfy their cravings while making mindful choices, brands are developing better-for-you versions of comfort foods focused on nutrition and clean ingredients.