Overstuffed S'mores Sandwiches

Overstuffed S'mores Sandwiches
Apr 2023

S'mores sandwiches, a classic campfire treat, have been reinvented as a delectable frozen dessert thanks to Blue Bunny and stuffed marshmallow brand Stuffed Puffs. The all-new Blue Bunny x Stuffed Puffs frozen dairy dessert sandwiches will soon be available in classic s'mores and salted caramel s'mores varieties, both of which are said to "taste like nights around the campfire."
Sold in packs of four, these s'mores sandwiches uplevel the traditional campfire treat with a generous amount of filling, plus flavored swirls.
In a world that often feels uncertain and fast-paced, nostalgic flavors offer a way for people to relive positive memories and find comfort in familiarity. S'mores reinvented as a frozen treat offers the same taste and fun experience of traditional s'mores, but with the added benefit of being refreshing, mess-free and more convenient.