Lauren Sanchez is leading an all-women space flight aboard Jeff Bezos’ rocket

Lauren Sanchez is leading an all-women space flight aboard Jeff Bezos’ rocket
Jan 2023

Lauren Sanchez is ready to go to space. The former host and Emmy award-winning journalist has been happy in love with her boyfriend Jeff Bezos, who is going to lend her his Blue Origin rocket.
Sanchez, and the Amazon founder who she called the "man of her dreams," have become one of the most looked-at celebrity couples today. She recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal, marking her first solo interview since their relationship was made public. The 53-year-old made many revelations, with her upcoming journey to space being one of the coolest.
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According to Sanchez, she will be one of 5 women heading to space in early 2024. "It's going to be women who are making a difference in the world and who are impactful and have a message to send,'" she explained. We will have to wait and see who is aboard the ship, but considering her friendship with Kim Kardashian, we may see the Skims founder aboard.
The former Extra host said she is "super excited about it" but admitted to being a "little nervous." Bezos is also excited to launch his girlfriend into space. "I've wanted to be in the rocket from the jump, so [Bezos] is excited to make this happen with all of these women," she said. "He's very encouraging and excited, and he's thrilled we're putting this group together."
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Although Sanchez loves that they are "together all the time," she will be apart from Bezos during the flight. "I'm going to have to hold him back," she told the outlet. "He'll be cheering us all on from the sidelines," she added.