Free Food-Promoting Campaigns

Free Food-Promoting Campaigns

Burget King has recently developed an innovative campaign to generate further interaction and engagement from supporters. The new commercial features actual 911 calls. In the call to a dispatcher, you can hear a disgruntled woman sitting in a drive-through who wants deputies to come down and help correct her order. The dispatcher responds by letting the woman know there is nothing she can do unless they serve her a harmful cheeseburger.

The hilarious fun-spirited commercial was designed to generate feedback from customers. Burger King is now implementing a policy where you can leave a review on the site and receive a free Whopper.

“When we say ‘Have It Your Way’ we truly mean it. Giving feedback in the right channel is crucial, regardless of whether it’s negative or positive – so we’re encouraging our guests to speak their mind in a forum where we can best learn and truly make an impact,” said Iwo Zakowski global head of brand marketing at Burger King.

Image Credit: Burger King

Source: burger-king-whopper

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