Five-Cheese Stuffed Crusts

Five-Cheese Stuffed Crusts
Mar 2023

The Sacramento-based concept Pizza Guys has just announced the launch of a ground-breaking new offering: Five Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza.
While stuffed crust pizza is nothing new, this new take on the dish manages to pack five different types of cheese into one pizza crust. The Five Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza starts with the brand's signature crust and then fills it with 100% whole milk, mozzarella, mild cheddar, grated parmesan, asiago, and Romano cheeses. As Pizza Guys' Co-Founder and CEO, Shahpour Nejad, explains, "We have a variety of premium cheese toppings and wanted to give our customers the ultimate cheese pizza, so we're adding a perfect blend of those cheeses."
The new Five Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza can be found now at Pizza Guys' more than 80 locations.
Image Credit: Pizza Guys