Firefighter-Benefiting Beers

Firefighter-Benefiting Beers

Arizona-based Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery is commemorating the life and service of fallen firefighter Austin Peck by launching an Irish red ale that pays tribute to Peck, who passed away due to occupational nasal cancer in 2019, and aims to raise money for the Arizona Firefighters Emerald Society.

The ‘Brew 42’ was named after Peck’s favorite number, which was 42. The beer itself has a flavor that is a nod to the close relationship between the Goodyear Fire Department and Irish cultural heritage. The brew uses five varieties of hops and comes in at 5.6 alcohol by volume (ABV). It is said to offer a sweet and toasty flavor profile along with a noticeable touch of hops.

Kevin Callaway, brand manager of Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery, noted that Peck was a friend of his and that “I really wanted to do something to help raise awareness about the occupational health issues that many firefighters experience during their years of service.”

Image Credit: Grand Canyon Brewing + Distillery


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