Dog-Friendly Workplace Initiatives

Dog-Friendly Workplace Initiatives

Cesar Canine Cuisine, a dog food brand owned by Mars Pet Nutrition, is launching ‘Casar Hire My Dog,’ a new national program dedicated to making the world a more dog-friendly place by targeting the workplace. The new program will help pet parents get their dogs “hired.”

More specifically, the new program will include an interactive doggy resume builder as well as contest giveaways, which include the chance for dog owners to win a pet-friendly ‘Pup-Up Workspace’ in their hometown — a custom kit for building a premium dog-friendly workspace.

“Dogs deserve to be welcomed everywhere, and we know that pet-friendly workplaces can help boost employee morale, increase productivity and improve culture,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Mars Pet Nutrition North America.

Image Credit: Mars Pets


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