Connected Walking Canes

Connected Walking Canes

CAN Mobilities is a startup creating mobility aids such as the ‘Can Go,’ a connected smart walking cane with a number of helpful features. The Can Go was designed to alleviate, and contribute to eventually eliminating, the stigma surrounding walking aids. As such, this cane boasts three primary features controlled by three buttons on the handle.

One button enables a flashlight for visual aid while another answers incoming calls from a smartphone that can be paired with the cane. The third button changes the display on the screen of the cane to showcase different statistics, such as walking speed, steps taken, or the current date and time.

On top of these three primary features, the Can Go boasts a unique use case for caregivers and healthcare providers. The cane has over ten sensors across its body that allow it to determine walking speed, pressure, accuracy, and various other subtle details surrounding the walker’s patterns. This information can be used by healthcare providers to determine risk cases for situations such as falling or developing further mobility impairments, such as arthritis.

Image Credit: CAN Mobilities


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