Celebrity frosty Brew Collaborations

Celebrity frosty Brew Collaborations

Celebrity Cold Brew Collaborations

Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons continue to work together following the Timbiebs recently — this time around, the duo is launching the highly anticipated Biebs Brew beverage. Together, the two work in conjunction to develop a new flavor of cold brew that is rooted in sweet notes due to the cream French Vanilla touch.

This is blended with the bold taste of the Arabica beans that are steeped for 16 hours. It is then served ice cold and in a press release, Bieber talks about the new flavor and collaboration, stating that “We couldn’t stop at Timbiebs, we needed a Biebs Brew too. And we are bringing both to Tims next month. Doing a Tim Hortons collab had always been a dream of mine. I grew up on Tim Hortons and it’s always been something close to my heart.”

Image Credit: Tim Hortons


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