Canned Vietnamese Coffees

Canned Vietnamese Coffees
May 2023

Sang's lineup of ready-to-drink Vietnamese coffees conveniently energize with Robusta sourced from Vietnam. The vibrant and authentic product lineup offers something for every type of coffee drinker, whether they prefer their coffee black, with a splash of oat milk or in the style of a creamy cinnamon latte.
The rising popularity of ready-to-drink Vietnamese coffee showcases a growing appreciation for international flavors and a desire for culturally immersive experiences. Sang got its start when founder Lan Pham was stuck in lockdown like the rest of the world and craving the authentic taste of ca phe sua da, fresh off the streets of Saigon.
Now, coffee lovers can appreciate Vietnamese coffee in a more convenient way than ever, all the while experiencing the country's bright and bold culinary traditions.